Camping Users are obliged to comply with the following duties: a) Comply with the conditions agreed in the terms of the contract with the company Camping Los Jarales SL;
b) Pay the Price of the contracted services in the place, form and time agreed; c) Comply with these Regulations of Internal Regime as well as the general rules of good coexistence and hygiene; d) Respect the Facilities, Goods and Services that the campsite makes available.

obliged to prove their identity at the time of arrival at the establishment through the exhibition of a document that sufficiently proves their identity (Passport, ID card). The campsite must forward this information to the General Directorate of Police regarding guests who are staying at the campsite according with the citizen security regulations. At any time and for the sole purpose of being able to comply with this last governmental obligation, Users are obliged at all times to show proof of their identity at the request of the Camping Management. The Management of the establishment may expel those who intend to access or remain in it for a different purpose other than its peaceful use, as well as users who fail to comply with the contents of these Regulations, by seeking the help of law enforcement officials. Regardless of the time spent in the establishment, the Company may require customers to make Payment, at any time of the services already provided.

VISITS. Not generally supported. Maximum stay 1 hour previous control in reception. All visits will be notified previously by the client at Reception upon arrival. The Management may require the delivery of proof of identity, which will be returned upon departure. The client requesting the visit will be responsible to the

establishment of the visiting person. In any moment Visits will not be allowed after 10 pm.

PRICES. These will be visible in Reception or either way those who were previously agreed in writing in case of contract or with a prior reservation. Any discount or bonus for the season or duration of the camping will be discretional by the company and in no case will it mean commitment of it in time or against third parties. A camping day ends at 12h noon the day after arrival regardless of the time of the arrival. If departure is later than this then one more day must be paid for.

Each camper must occupy only the plot they are assigned. Occupying another plot other than the one assigned, will give the Management the right to collect payment for the other plot. If the client plans to leave the campsite and leave the tent, caravan or vehicle in the Campsite, the guest will be forced to notify it at the Reception Office, who can accept the absence under the conditions agreed, or oblige the client to leave the land with all belongings. In any case, leave disconnected the electrical connections. Those who have the intention to departure before the opening time of the Reception Office, must settle their account the evening prior to departure. The campsite can demand payment for stays already used.

CHECK-IN TIME. Check in time on the day of entry at plots will be from 12.00 in the morning until 22.00h. at night. If you plan to arrive later than that time then Reception must be notified. Access is not permitted onto the campsite after 22:00h with any vehicle to set up tents or similar, or leave with a vehicle or leave the campsite from that time. The campsite journey comprises only until 12h noon. From this time a full day must be paid.

PROHIBITIONS. Install fences or awnings in the plots, as well as any other element for which authorization has not been obtained or any acts of this sort which may damage or harm the property, hygiene or appearance of the

campsite. It is not allowed to wash dishes, clothes or other objects on water fountains except in areas prepared for this purpose on the site. It is not allowed to wash cars or caravans inside the campsite, except in the specific areas enabled within the facilities. In case of non- payment or abandonment, the non-payment of only three days, the Camping Management may move the camping items to a new location outside or inside, without the security conditions that is offered at the campsite, to leave the plot free and expeditious.
The camper must also bear the costs of the tow truck and external company that is in charge of this withdrawal.
It is forbidden to access the pool area after operational hours or outside seasonal opening months. The use of barbecues is allowed at the seasons and areas established by law for this, but please note that it is forbidden to do them on the ground or near any tree or object susceptible to set fire.

IN CAMPING. The Management will be the one to authorize the plot occupancy at all times, assigning it directly, or allowing to choose the location; In any case, the chosen place must be notified prior to accessing the plot. Changes of location must be authorized by the Management. For aesthetic reasons it is not allowed to install fences, hurdles, shades, protective fences or similar, either do gardens, or plant shrubs or any other plants on the plot or surrounding areas. It is forbidden to place tables, chairs, barbecues, flowerpots, or any other decorative element or furniture, etc. in the streets and common areas and, if found by the Management, will be considered abandoned by the camper and will be sent to the garbage area.

VEHICLES Inside the Camping the vehicles will limit their speed to 10 km / hour and respect the pedestrians as preference. It will not be possible to circulate in hours of “total silence” (from 24.00 p.m. to 08.00a.m.). It is not permitted to use the acoustic signals and vehicle alarms.

Vehicles must be parked within the assigned plot or in front of it, always respecting the length of its boundary. Otherwise, the Management reserves the right to charge a supplement for the concept of the occupation of additional zones, supplement equivalent to renting a plot. Customers will not be able to park in areas that hinder the circulation and access of vehicles and people. The door of the campsite closes at midnight 24:00 hours and, after that time, you will not be able to enter or exit with any vehicle from the campsite, until 8:00 hours in the morning. It will be considered vehicles for the purposes of this rule all vehicles with or without motor, such as bicycles, scooters, skates, electric or mechanical vehicles, etc.

PETS/ANIMALS. Entry and / or permanence in the camping of animals that suppose danger or cause annoyance to campers remains totally prohibited. Also, the access of animals to all places where food is sold, as well as hygienic or sanitary services, bar, restaurant, reception and swimming pool is totally prohibited. The owner of the animal is responsible for both civil as well as financial obligations for all damages the animal could cause to both people and belongings within the facilities. The animal will have to remain at all times on a leash, never alone, and remain within the plot assigned to its owner, taking responsibility for the inconvenience that it may cause, as well as cleaning their excrement.

ELECTRIC CONNECTIONS. The electrical connection is 16 amps, each camper having the right to use two plugs. Consumption may not exceed maximum power granted of 16 amps, therefore the connection of electrical appliances that together exceed said contracted power, as well as the manipulation of the installation for this purpose. Exterior particular lighting should be turned off at 24:00 hours p.m. In case of non-payment or abandonment, being enough the non-payment of a single day, the Management of the Camping may cut the electricity supply to the plot.

WATER CONNECTIONS. It is strictly prohibited to wash clothes or dishes in the water points of the plot. In the event of non-payment or abandonment, the non- payment of one day, the Camping Management may cut the supply of water to the plot.

CHILDREN. Must be under Parental supervision at all times those being directly responsible for their
acts. Pool access, they must be accompanied by an adult. It is forbidden to use the toilets and showers as well as the laundry room as a playground. They should use the play area enabled for this purpose in the children’s play area. Parents will be held responsible at all times of the acts of their children and will be in charge of their surveillance. Children, from 24:00 p.m., must be in the plots occupied by their legal guardians and never on other plots or in common areas.

CAMPERS ‘OBLIGATIONS. Accept this internal regime, which is on public display. If you have music, radio or television, they must always be inside the tents or caravans and at a moderate volume, so that there is no disturbance to neighbours. Music is not allowed at high volume at any time of day. It’s not allowed make noises that are annoying to other customers, since either with machines or with a high tone of voice at any time of the day. REST hours will be especially respected (14:30h to 17:00h). There will be TOTAL SILENCE from 24.00 p.m. until 8.00 a.m. The Camping Company is not responsible for thefts or damage of any kind that could be victims their campers or their belongings. Neither will it be liable for damage provoked by fires caused by the campers themselves or their belongings, atmospheric incidents or any other causes outside enterprise. Respect the plants, trees and facilities with the good use of them. Observe the elementary rules of coexistence, morality, decency and order. Communicate to Camping address cases of febrile illness or contagious that they are aware of. Leave the Campsite once the agreed time of hire is finalized, except when extended by mutual agreement between

the Company and the client and always paying the amounts owed. Collect garbage and waste of all kinds in plastic bags, which should be deposited, closed, in the area authorized for this purpose inside the Camping. Waste recycling is mandatory, advised by the Management that campers may be sanctioned by the Police if they disregard this obligation. Leave the part of the land where the tent or caravan has been installed in the same condition it was found. Management requests the notification of any breakages or any detected failures in the facilities as soon as observed in order to proceed with its repair or replacement, and not to be notified on guest departure. It is strictly forbidden to sub-lease, transfer, re-rent or assign the plot, totally or partially, free or onerously, as well as advertising those businesses. Who will act in this way, announcing the sublease or sublease effectively, verified this, will entitle the imposition of a penalty of 1000 euros to be charged of the Management of the Camping, regardless of the right to expel from the camping campers who do not comply with this rule.

ADMISSION and may be expelled from the campsite in case of non-payment or abandonment being enough the non-payment of only three days, in addition to those who, even paying, fail to comply with the previous obligation or do not concede or disturb the peace, go against the elementary norms of social coexistence and education and, in general, do not respect the principles of civilized life.